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10 From GEM: Mother’s Day Edition: 10 One-Of-A-Kind Gifts For Mom


Creative Commons/net_efekt

Creative Commons/net_efekt

10 From GEM:
Mother’s Day Edition:
10 One-Of-A-Kind Gifts For Mom

Your mother is one-of-a-kind. She deserves the most unique gifts that reflect who she is and what she likes. We don’t know your mother, but we think this list is a good place to start to buy her something for Mother’s Day that won’t break your bank and will be something she’ll enjoy.

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With warm weather here, or rapidly approaching, mom may want to kick up her water intake. This water bottle is perfect because she can quench her thirst and enjoy the flavor of all those yummy berries we all love in the summertime.

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That awkward moment when you need to carry two teacups and the teapot, but you have only two hands. This cute little tea set solves that problem. Mom will love not having to make extra trips to the kitchen.

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Mom is sure to love this treat that she can savor for two days. On the first day, she receives a beautiful bouquet of tulips. The next day, she gets gourmet dipped strawberries. It’s a treat for the eyes and the mouth.

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This beautiful tablet case is perfect for the mother who would love a stylish way to protect her e-reader. It comes in four classic colors: aubergine, cognac, espresso, and red. Personalize it with a monogram.

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Moms wear many hats and identify themselves in many ways. This darling stationery will let the world know the little people who gave her the title Mom.

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For many mothers, the bedroom is a sanctuary. It’s a place to relax and regroup. Your mother can while away her worries with this bed lounger that also has heat therapy and vibration massage. She will thank you for this gift of relaxation.

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This gorgeous set of seven bracelets tells the history of the earth. What’s so cool about it is that each person will interpret the story differently. When mom sees the blue bracelet, will she think of water or the sky?

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Is it a glass container or a plastic bag? This glass bag is perfect for the mom who has a sense of humor. Her guests will look twice at this totally unique nut and candy dish.

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What mom wouldn’t want to snuggle up with her loved ones? With this blanket, made out of sweatshirt material, she can do just that.

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Now, this is different. If mom loves plants, she just might get a kick out of this wall planter kit that can lay flat, but would be far more interesting if it’s hung up on a wall. The secret to keeping the soil in place is moss and mesh.

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All of the sites we featured in this piece had some amazing one-of-a-kind gifts so if you didn’t see something that your mom would love, check the sites out and don’t forget to report back to GEM nation!

What personal and unique gifts have you given your mother or received yourself? Share your favorites below.

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