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Monday Morning Motivation: If You Build It (WELL), They Will Come



Monday Morning Motivation:
If You Build It (WELL), They Will Come

Happy Monday all.. checking in from the west coast where I’m out here shooting another show. Now I can tell you as the announcement has gone out; I have been tapped as one of the hosts for an original, new series called Exhale, which will air on Aspire TV.  Launched in June of 2012 in a deal between Magic Johnson and Comcast cable, Aspire is the cable channel targeting African American audiences. I’ll tell you more about it and my co-hosts in the coming days.

So before I head off to the set for the day, I wanted to take a moment for today’s Monday Morning Motivation. My assistant Ella and I were talking the other day (and by talking I mean, Face-booking, IM’ing or texting; we hardly ever pick up the phone for a good, ol’ fashioned call) about brand building (what else?). I feel like we’re at an interesting place in the evolution of GEM, one I’ve spoken about several times before.

We were talking about what attracts brands and business and I paraphrased from the movie, Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come.”


I truly believe that and is proof of that.

Then Ella added a little something else.

“If you build it WELL, they will come.”

She’s absolutely right. In a world where mediocrity has been elevated to an art form, going the extra mile, taking that extra step, really makes you, and your work, stand out. In online content, there is no reason for basic mistakes, such as spelling and gramatical errors; those things can be checked and double-checked. If they are wrong, they can be fixed with a simple key stroke.

And yet I see blog postings rife with all of the above. Or memes (side note: please learn when to use “that” and when to use “who.” UGH).

So no matter your business, whether you’re making bagels, buildings or blogs, it needs to be on point because no business or brand is going to want to work with sloppy.

Or half-assed.

If you can’t look at your work and say it’s your best, then go back and tweak it until you can. But if you don’t do that, if you are not consistently working hard and putting your best foot forward, don’t ask why business isn’t picking up; it should be obvious.

What about you, can you look at the efforts you are currently putting forth and say they are your best work? And if not, what is keeping you from doing your best?

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