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10 From GEM: Mother’s Day Edition: 10 Gifts From The Heart

Creative Commons/designgreene

Creative Commons/designgreene

10 From GEM:
Mother’s Day Edition: 10 Gifts From The Heart



Mother’s Day is in less than two weeks, so it’s time to start thinking about gifts to show mom that she is loved. For most mothers, gifts from the heart are the most precious gifts of all. Keep reading for gift ideas that don’t require tons of money, but demonstrate that you love your mom and you understand what she appreciates and loves.

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Creative Commons/BonBonMom

Creative Commons/BonBonMom

Love letters are not just for lovers. Your mother is probably the first person you ever fell in love with and, of course, she adored you from the moment she knew you were coming. Write a letter to mom in which you count all the ways that she has a special place in your heart. It doesn’t need to be lengthy, but it should be long enough to talk about a few special memories.

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Creative Commons/Mary-Lynn

Creative Commons/Mary-Lynn

The nice thing about stepping stones is that you can have many and they all can blend in with the décor outside a house. This is a great activity that kids can do for grandma because they’ll love making impressions of their hands or feet. You can easily make your own stepping stones with ingredients you already have. Follow this recipe:

  • ½ cup salt
  • ½ cup flour
  • ¼ cup (give or take) water

Knead until dough forms. Make an impression and/or add heat resistant decorative items. Bake at 200 degrees for three hours.

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Creative Commons/cherrypatter

Creative Commons/cherrypatter

Sure, you could buy mom the most fabulous and beautifully decorated desserts to satisfy her sweet tooth. Better yet, you can make them yourself. You don’t have to be an expert; even a novice can bake cookies or brownies. For extra-specialness, decorate a basket or jar with pretty ribbons to put your treats in.

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Creative Commons/paperfection

Creative Commons/paperfection

With the ability to store thousands of photos on cell phones, computers, and cloud platforms, it’s getting harder to find people who actually have photo albums. If you can gain access to mom’s cell phone or computer, choose photos of people and things she loves. Print them yourself or send them to a photo printing service like Shutterfly or Snapfish. Add them to a pretty photo album. It would be a nice touch to personalize the album with mom’s name.

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Creative Commons/pedro da fonseca

Creative Commons/pedro da fonseca

Handmade jewelry usually ensures that whatever you’re wearing is one of a kind. Every woman loves having something that nobody else is wearing and people spend lots of money to make that happen. But you don’t have to. With a few simple tools and supplies, you can make mom the perfect set of jewelry that will bring out her best features.

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Many people will buy mom candy and chocolates for the big day, but you can take it a step further with creativity. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money! Just get some lovely cardstock paper on which you’ll write pithy one-liners using the candy that you’ll attach to it. See the photo above for ideas to get you started.

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Bibliophiles, especially the ones who are reading more than one book at a time, love bookmarks. Yes, any old scrap of paper will get the job done, but mom deserves style. Get a swatch of luxurious fabric, like velvet or satin, and glue it around a bookmark-size sheet of cardstock. Attach a bauble from a piece of vintage jewelry and voila! Mom has a bookmark with beauty and style.

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Creative Commons/Chrissy's Creations

Creative Commons/Chrissy’s Creations

A mom on the go needs a bag that’s functional, but she needs personal style, too. Buy a plain white canvas tote and decorate it. You don’t need any special skills or artistic abilities. Add appliqués, buttons, pins, vintage jewelry, or bows. If that’s beyond your skill level, spray paint stenciled designs on the canvas. Just make sure the paint can be used on fabric.

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Creative Commons/aka creativity

Creative Commons/aka creativity

Every mom has catch phrases and sayings she uses with her children. Maybe your mom has dozens of phrases that are meant to encourage and inspire you. She can use the inspiration herself. Create a box filled with slips of paper with her best lines written on them. It will be fun for you to make and fun for her to reflect upon.

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Creative Commons/Dawn Kitchen Travels

Creative Commons/Dawn Kitchen Travels

You might think your mom can do it all, but we’re betting there’s something she might want to learn more about. Maybe she wants to become a master baker. Perhaps she has her heart set on learning how to ballroom dance. It’s possible she harbors a desire to learn how to sew. Whatever her dreams are, you can help make them a reality by buying a few classes just for her.

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What gifts from the heart have you given your mother or received from your children?


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