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10 From GEM: Mother’s Day Edition: 10 Chic Gifts For Cheap Prices

William F9
Creative Commons/William F9

10 From GEM:
Mother’s Day Edition:
10 Chic Gifts For Cheap Prices

For Mother’s Day we reached out to some of our extended GEM family and look who took up the challenge, Mr. Kelly Murphy himself.  We appreciate all the help he’s given GEM nation and are wowed by the gift ideas he’s provided.  Take a look at his 10 ways to do something extra extravagant for mom without having to ask her for a loan the week later.

1. Mani/Pedi With Shoes

Shockingly Tasty
Creative Commons/Shockingly Tasty

This is something way fun that you can do together. Guys included! When done take her to Macy’s and buy her a pair of Jessica Simpson shoes to show off those stunning toes. I’m impressed how affordable and stylish this brand is; she will be too!

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2. A Flower Garden

Creative Commons/paula27ok

One of my favorites is taking mom to a nursery to buy some flowers. Spend the afternoon planting a bed, or patio containers depending on mama’s preference. It’s the gift that gives beauty all season long.

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3. Recapture Childhood Memories

ella joelle mommy collage w frame
Ella Rucker with her daughter on left and with her mom (circa 1974) on right.

I love this trend of finding a childhood photo, and recreating it modern day. Easily executed by yourself or get your siblings involved. Pick up a pre-matted frame cut for two photos at the hobby store and frame a copy of the vintage photo next to the current day photo.

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4. Magazine Subscriptions

hectorir 1
Creative Commons/hectorir

Inspire mom through the escape of photos and journalism. The Internet has created a clearinghouse for magazine subscriptions. Shop around for the right deal, and you could pick up mom three of her favorite titles or magazines on her subjects of interest.  A couple of my faves are and

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5. Tkaro Glass Water Bottle


Love this stylish water bottle. It fits in from the gym to the boardroom. Buy quick.  They are selling fast!

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6. Blurb Book

Creative Commons/foshydog

This project will take more dedication and work on your part. Spend an afternoon with your mom going through her and your grandmother’s recipes. You could even go as far as baking something together during this process. Compile the favorite dishes, combine with some old family photos and use one of’s templates to build a little family cookbook. This on demand publisher, guarantees quality. Plus you are way ahead on Christmas gift giving if you make copies for the rest of the family.

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7. Day Spa And Lunch

Creative Commons/mothersdaygifts09

Its sounds a bit cliché, but oh so divine. You would be surprised how affordable a ½ day spa treatment is at a variety of establishments. Many including a healthy lunch.

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8. Chive Hanging Terrariums

Full Blown Glass 

A throwback to the 70s with a modern twist. Ideal to hang in the kitchen window, or a series of them across the window in that corner office.  And bonus: Chives!  You can find them here.

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9. Car Detailing

Car washing Disney
Photo Credit: Ella Rucker

She spent ½ your life shuttling you around from one activity to another. A great treat that only requires mom handing the keys over is getting her car detailed. Most metro areas now have mobile car detailing services so there is little or no wait for them to get started and finished. When she is done with work, or chores, she will come out to a car that is “showroom ready.”

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10. Wine Making

Creative Commons/bartb_pt

I did this as a company retreat one time. I think it would be ideal to do one-on-one with mom. Depending on the winery, for a set fee you get a certain amount of bottles. You create your own wine, and your own label. An afternoon of vino, will have mom serving her and your private label wine on holidays and special occasions over the next year. With the pop of each cork, she will say “Remember when…”

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The great thing about all of these gifts is that they can be as expensive or as budget friendly as you would like.  Thanks, Kelly!  Totally loving them especially the Blurb Book.

What are you guys thinking about these gifts?  Do you have a budget for Mother’s Day or are you driven more by the gift and what mom wants?  Tell!  Tell!

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Kelly Ryan Murphy is the award winning Creative Director for “Automobile Magazine.” in his career he has achieved 19 national design awards. In the little are time he has, he loves riding his super spore bikes, traveling, home remodeling and in the last five years, has started bodybuilding and hopes to compete one day. He has an amazing partner, Jim, who pushes him in his success and together, they have two children of the four-legged variety, cats Tango and Buster. 


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