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The GEM Debate: Do As I Say, Not As I Tweet…

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The GEM Debate:
Do As I Say, Not As I Tweet…

I don’t know what rule “Forgive others as you would have them forgive you” is in the Big Book of Parenting, but I know it is in there.  We tell our children – from toddlers to college grads – that everyone makes mistakes; forgiveness takes a big person.  Somehow, though, I think we as parents are the ones that need the reminder today.

Last week PlaySkool tweeted a question.  It went like this:


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And now, with less than 140 characters, Playskool is the unforgiven (please note that “unforgiven isn’t a word, but was a movie…forgive me for taking license).  Playskool, which has been in business since 1928, tweeted this one question to dads and now dads, moms, and others are sarcastically tweeting answers, forming petitions, and  pulling support for the brand.  The question has been deemed “offensive” and is receiving the Internet’s version of a good talking to.   I have to tell you.  I’m so freaking tired of it.

It seems that we as adults take way too much stock in 140 characters, and in this case I don’t agree or maybe I’m just too blind to see what happened here.  As a parent aren’t we always called into question as to whether we are the ones in control?  I’ve definitely said it to myself and as a mother with a toddler have even questioned my parenting style and shift daily to put myself back in the driver’s seat so to speak.  Parents are exhausted, each child has their own challenges, there are times you gladly would like the co-parent to take the reigns, and if you are a single parent there are days when you wish for that other person to help you when you just don’t have the energy.  We may be the adults, but the issue of who’s in charge is greatly debatable from moment to moment, I would say.

I think our culture moves too fast; we react too quickly.  This company has been in business longer than most tweeters have been alive.  We’ve grown up with them.  Heck, learning how to share a Mr. Potato Head toy is probably one of the things that facilitated the necessity for a lesson in forgiveness in a lot of households.  They love us; watched us grow into moms and dads, and this is how we repay them?  By not giving them the benefit of the doubt?  I think this time we need to be a little more forgiving, and take a beat to examine what happened.  We need to practice what we teach our children because this isn’t a relationship that is short lived.  Playskool has been here for a while.  I’d like to see them survive something as small as an innocent tweet.

What do you think?  Is this offensive?  Am I still sitting with my head in the sandbox? Let me know!

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Ella Rucker is the mother of one of the smartest, funniest two-year-olds she’s ever met.  She is currently assistant to the head GEM which means hats-a-plenty including writing, editing, and producing for Good Enough Mother.  An Ohio native implanted in NYC for the last 13 years, Ella has achieved one of her many dreams by writing.  Her musings (she’s amused they’d be called “musings”) can be found at other places on the web so make sure you follow her on twitter @ellalaverne for all the information.


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