Monday Morning Motivation:
Whose Life Will You Touch Today? And How? 


Hola everyone! How we doin’? Hope your weekend was full of rest, relaxation and reconnecting with those around you. I’m off the road for a bit since we  just wrapped the second season of Sweet Retreats, so I’m back on full-time mom duty.

Music was a big part of my weekend;  Casey and Cole are budding musicians and they were on stage at various venues for recitals this weekend.

Anyway, driving in the car during one of the trips around town, a song called,  “A Million Lives”  came on the radio. It’s an inspiring track from Florida rapper Jake Miller and it was one I took an instant liking to, thanks to its message.


I was so moved by this young kid who is using his music, his voice, his reach and his power to make a real a positive difference in the world and the timing was perfect.

See, I had just stumbled upon one of the darker corners of the Internet, a website devoted solely to the tearing down of others. I’m not going to say which one because I don’t want to give them any publicity and they are certainly not alone. I’m not naive, not by any stretch, but even I was stunned by the level of vitriol expressed there for people they didn’t necessarily know and for no good reason. Sadder still were the comments, where the piling on was elevated to an art form.


The point is (and it’s a good one to start the week), we all have power to affect change. That change can be good as in the case with Jake Miller; a kind word, a smile, a little understanding can go a long way in the life of another person who might really be struggling. Or that power can be mean and nasty, as in the case with the unnamed website, whose founder and readers appear selfishly hellbent on destroying others, for the sake of sport.

So the question today is…  how will you use your powers?

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