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Monday Morning Motivation:
My Breakdown/Pull-It-Together Moment



Howdy and happy Monday yet again! It’s it just me or are they making these weekends shorter? Sure feels like it.

I wanted to share a recent experience with you. As you know, I’ve been pretty busy traveling around the country shooting Sweet Retreats (check here for local listings. You can also see full episodes on the website). Anyway, a few weeks ago, I was shooting in  Marfa, a really cool artists’ town in the middle of the Texas desert. I had been to three cities in about a week and a half, so by the time the Marfa shoot was finished, I was sick. No, I mean, really, REALLY sick.

By the time I got to my hotel room, three hours away from the shoot location, the tank was empty; I was auguring in. I went to the hotel restaurant for a bowl of soup and coughed all the way through it. When I got back to my hotel room I discovered I had no clean clothes.

It’s not that I hadn’t packed enough; I did. I even checked the weather forecast. But the forecast was not reality and the reality had me wearing only the two pair of jeans I brought, every single day.

So there I was, hacking and hand-washing my jeans and I swear to you, I had a moment. Right then and there, I started bawling. What in the hell was happening? I was miles from my home, missing my family, sick and wondering how on earth I ended up in a hotel room struggling to wring out my sopping wet jeans.


Because at the time it was just all so hard. The stress of shooting, running a business, keeping tabs on my family from thousands of miles away, bills, career, and on top of that, filthy clothes and a horrid cough.

It was my “breakdown” moment.

Fortunately those are followed by the soothing words of my husband, which enabled me to pull it back together.

“Honey, you’re sick. Everything is harder and looks bleaker.”

And that was it. Buff is pretty no-nonsense so it was easy for him to see what this was about, fatigue and illness, not some sort of endless, unfulfilling journey. He was able to diffuse the situation with those few words and bring me back to earth.

I’m lucky that I had Buff, my touchstone, to bring me back to reality, but I bring this up for a couple of points.

We all get weary. You do. I do. We all do. That means we need to take a moment to rest.

The other thing is we need to make sure we have people in our corner that can bring up back to earth. Do you?

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