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Guest Posting:
The Magic, The Mom, And The Marathon

I ran a HALF MARATHON!  Me: a 40 “something” mom of four.  Yes, I did!  This wasn’t just your run of the mill 13.1 miles though; there were pirates,  princes and princesses, castles, music, and MAGIC, and I mean true magic in so many different ways.

This year was my second year running the Disney Princess Half Marathon. The first year I didn’t know what to expect, the farthest I had ever run up until then was three miles here, five miles there; nothing even close to 13 miles! About a month before that race I injured my shoulder and my training suffered.  Still, I was determined to participate in the race.  And I did.  I finished and it was hot and hard and I was so focused on just finishing that I didn’t fully enjoy the experience. This time around it was much different. My focus was on having fun and boy, did I ever. Fun running 13.1 miles you ask? Well, here’s where that magic I was telling you about comes in…


Guest Posting: The Magic, The Mom, And The Marathon

I felt as if I was on a team while running this race…a HUGE 26,000 person team of supportive encouraging individuals.  Along the race route I heard shouts from spectators and fellow runners,  “You can do it, Princess”, “Keep going. Almost there!”, “You are awesome!”  There were women running and walking with their friends, daughters, sisters, motherS; some were recovering from cancer, some running for those who could not, some running their very first race ever at the age of 50.  You had men wearing princess tiaras and tutus running with their wives; all with an enormous group of cheerleaders pep talking each other throughout each mile. Amazing!

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Guest Posting: The Magic, The Mom, And The Marathon

I can think of no better place to run than at the “Most Magical Place on Earth”.  A Run Disney event has the same unparalleled magic of Disney Parks; it is magic in motion. Jack Sparrow and his crew, handsome princes, beautiful princesses, a friendly genie and a candleabra, a few villains, and many, many more characters greet you along your journey. There’s music – thumping inspirational beats that help you push through your steps.  DJ’s, marching bands and choir singers keep you motivated and moving.

And then there’s the Castle. ”THE CASTLE”. Imagine running up Main Street in Magic Kingdom, the street lined with crowds of race fans hooting, hollering and applauding, as they rouse the runners onward.  Now imagine running up to the castle’s rear entrance and getting to make your way through Cinderella’s intricately decorated hallway! I cried.  I felt like a little girl, like a princess – a sweaty princess, but an elated one no less.  There was some behind the scenes fun, too, as we ran through the back of the park and got to see Cinderella’s parade float and a rarely seen view of Big Thunder Mountain.  Heading in to the home stretch of the race the route takes you through Epcot and you run past Spaceship Earth towards the finish line. A royal welcome awaits you as you cross that finish line and the medal!  See for yourself.  It’s fit for a Princess!

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Guest Posting: The Magic, The Mom, And The Marathon

Here’s where I get a bit choked up thinking about completing the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  As a mom, my first priority is always my children. I manage my household and all of their schedules and try my very best to be a good example to them in the way I live my life. All parents doubt themselves from time to time, I am no different.  I often wonder if I am teaching them to be confident in themselves when clearly there are times when my own self confidence is lacking.  I wonder sometimes if I have shown them how important it is to believe in their abilities. One of the best things that I gained from participating in this race was a belief in myself.  I believed that I could do it. I believed while I was training on my treadmill for months. I believed when I was waiting in my corral at 5:30am. I believed at mile five when I was still full of energy and enjoying each step and when I was sniffling (read: sobbing) my way through Cinderella’s Castle. I believed at mile eleven when my body had different plans than my mind did (my hip has since recovered, thank goodness).  I believed in myself the whole entire way! It is not often that I will say out loud (or in writing ) that I am proud of myself, but, holy cow, I RAN 13.1 MILES!  I am strong.  I am a Princess.  And, yes!  I am proud of myself!  By setting this personal goal and accomplishing it I was able to (even if for just one day) let go of my doubts.  As I saw my whole family waiting for me at the finish line I realized that I had just  taught my children that they can do ANYTHING if they set their minds to it; they just have to believe!

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Running at Disney isn’t just for this mom you can get in on the fun, too!  For more information on Run Disney Events click here.

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