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GEM Recommends: Pantene Truly Relaxed, Truly Natural


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GEM Recommends:
Pantene Truly Relaxed, Truly Natural 

Hot Hair News and I’m thrilled to bring it to you!

Many of you who’ve followed Good Enough Mother know my story; after years and years of using chemicals to straighten my hair, I decided to go natural, a decision that was hastened when my over-processed hair fell out after a brief illness. I’ve taken you along on my journey of hair and self-discovery and now I can add one more great find to the mix.

Pantene asked me recently to review a new line of product they’ve introduced for African American hair, but here’s the really cool part; it’s NOT your typical “one-size-fits-all”, in fact, not even close. They have introduced two lines, one for women with chemically relaxed hair, the other for naturals like me.

Pantene sent me three of the five products in their new line for women with naturally curly hair;  Clarifying Shampoo,  Deep Conditioner and the Defining Curls Custard. I’m always excited to give new products a try, so that’s what I did.

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As many of you know, I don’t use shampoo and haven’t for many, many years so I skipped this step. Instead I use conditioner as shampoo (called co-washing). I can say I did like the smell of this shampoo and would have tried if I used shampoo as part of my regular regimen.

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PicMonkey Collage deep conditioner.jpg


LOVE! Loved, loved, loved it! Because my hair has a lot of natural curl, I need something that’s very thick to help while I detangle (I use my fingers only, sectioning my hair off and going slowly so as not to lose a lot of hair). This deep conditioner is thick, emollient and gave my hair the “slip” I need to get all those little knots out.

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This is what may hair looks like after it’s dried with no product on it. It’s pretty easy to see that there are two, possibly more different curl textures on this head. The bangs and crown area, tends to be frizzy where the back has a lot of natural curl, with or without product.

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PicMonkey Collage curls

After my hair was about 75% dry, it was time to style. Because I have this dual texture thing going on, I have to “cheat” it a few ways. I sectioned off my hair and, working from front to back, applied the Defining Curls Custard.  I moisturized with some natural Shea butter then used a little less than a quarter-size of the product on each part of my hair; three sections total (not counting the very front, which I will explain in a moment). Whenever I use a curling product I look for two things; is it sticky (does it make my hair tacky) and does it work? The answers on this one, I am happy to report are no.. and yes!

Remember I told you about “cheating”? The different textures of my hair grow at different paces; the front, bang area grows slower, is more fragile,  tends to break more and when it’s dry, shrinks up so that it appears much shorter than it is. So I twist it to protect and stretch it so it looks longer when dry.

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I never, EVER use terry cloth towels because that makes the hair frizzier. I grab whatever clean t-shirt I have lying around and, once product is in and hair is twisted, I wrap it up to dry. This method will get it about 75% dry, then I use a light, non-directional blow dryer or let it air dry the rest of the way.

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And VOILA! What you see is what you get.. my results with Pantene’s new Truly Natural line. Pretty cool, eh?

Truly Relaxed and Truly Natural – Two collections From Pantene for healthier hair* no matter what your style.
*Vs. non-conditioning shampoo

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I was very happy with the way my hair turned out using Pantene’s Truly Natural line of products; my hair wasn’t weighed down by product and it didn’t feel sticky or tacky. And bonus: the curls lasted for several days, important since I’m on the road traveling with my new show.

I’m pleased to report Truly Natural line will be a part of my regular repertoire!


Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Pantene via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Pantene.


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