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10 From GEM:
Spring Break Edition: Tech Toys
For The Entire Family

Spring Break. One of my girlfriends has a child who is at “that age” where they want to stay in the house and sleep for the better part of the day as their activity. As much fun as that might be for some, our friends at have some other great ideas; tech gadgets  the whole family can enjoy. Interested in any of the items you see here? Click on the picture to pop over to for not only rock-bottom prices but free shipping on thousands of items as well. Tell ’em GEM sent ya!



Um. How cool is this?  A glove as a remote control and a helicopter that flies.  This little diddy is fun indoors and out, on the road or in the house, and with a price that is affordable.

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I really love playing sudoku.  It teaches children if/then logic and challenges adults’ grasp of the concept. With this wireless, paperless version you are able to play a lively game at home or on the road.  The price is so low you can also make sure to buy one for you and one for the kids. It’s addicting and I really don’t mind saying you won’t want to share.

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Not something that’s “fun for the whole family” you chide?  Ha!  This is a perfect item for the house especially if you are going to have teens hanging around for a week with little supervision. You know how you want them to be more independent in the kitchen without burning the place down?  This solves that problem. Mom and dad can both join in the fun as this T-Fal EZ Clean Non-Stick Sandwich and Waffle Maker is a great way to jazz up dinner with some paninis, or, I don’t know, waffles.  Yum!

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The Securityman Motion/Audio Sensor Wireless Color Camera Kit can be used as a baby monitor or a security system.  So whether you hit the road and need a little extra assurance that the homestead is safe or you stay home this spring break and just keep an ear out for the sleeping baby, this affordable camera kit is for you.  And if you have kids from the ages of say 2 – 18 this is a good way to squash the age-old game of “Mom, he did it!”  Now that would be extra fun.

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This one might be more geared to mom and dad, but the kids will love going swimming while you keep track of the distance, pace, and efficiency of your swim. The Garmin Swim Pool Swimming Watch also has wireless uploading to analyze the data.  If my childhood is any indication, kids love to go swimming and if your new toy gets them closer to the pool this spring they will have as much fun with this watch as you will.


6. iPICO


Want to do something really fun with those pictures from your vacation?  The iPico projects images from your iPhone or iPod Touch to any surface up to 50″.  Movie night just got personal as you display the memories of your children’s plays, sporting events or just the time when they all fell asleep at the same time.  You can also project YouTube videos and have your own dance contests. Great for staying at home or if you’re stuck in a hotel room on a rainy day.

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I’m not sure you need me to tell you how much fun a tablet can be for your children.  I have children around me from the ages of 2 to 14 and they all crowd me for mine every time they see me.  The Asus Google Nexus 7 Tablet has 16GB of memory and runs on the Android platform which means you can get a wide variety of apps and games to keep the little ones occupied and it is even helpful for getting work done and storing files if you want a less bulky alternative to your laptop (yes, they have apps for your work life, too).

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Hansel and Gretel would be so jealous!  This GPS locates where you were and gets you back to that point. Neat, right?  You can use it to find your parking spot in a crowded lot, your hotel when you are traveling, or even your house after a tricky navigation to a party.  Especially helpful if you send your children out sightseeing during vacation and you want them to find you on the beach or at a concert after a run to the concession stand.

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Crawling up with a good book can be a little daunting when you are traveling.  With airlines giving you less cargo space for your buck or even driving across country, having your library close isn’t so easy.  Having Barnes & Nobel Nook Simple Touch is an efficient way to read more whether you stay at home or hit the ocean.

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The Sony Wide Angle HD Projector and Camcorder is a super cool way to keep track of all the fun you have on spring break. HD recording, still images, and the ability to see it all projected immediately as if you are watching a 100″ screen are just some of the cool features of this camcorder.  Audio playback is true to life, 16GB embedded memory, and so much more make this a spring breaking family’s dream.

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So which of these great deals looks good to you?  Tell us which you are going to buy and what’s going on the wish list (don’t forget Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are also coming up).

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