Creative Commons/From the West County to the West End

Creative Commons/From the West County to the West End

10 From GEM: Spring Break Edition:
Flee The Crowds..Fun Off The Beaten Path

Any time you can get away from work, the call of adventure beckons.  Enter spring break; adventure at its finest. However, during peak times it is pretty hard to appreciate being away from home with all the other people who have also heeded the call.  So why not try doing something totally different for this time?  Here are 10 things from GEM that you might not have considered to do on your vacation, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t just as much fun!


antique stevendepolo

Have you ever driven right outside of almost any town and seen one of those giant antique shops?  Maybe now is the time to take a few hours and spend some time searching in there.  You never know.  You may just find a treasure or two that will become heirlooms in your family.

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collectibles Tomasthanes

Collectibles sound like antiques, but did you know how many collectible items are popping up today?  You have your Beliebers and assorted rock stars, television personalities and shows, and, of course, a personal favorite, Disney characters and princesses.  There are plenty of ways to spark your child’s interest in a collectibles run, and don’t forget you can also add to your Star Wars memorabilia while you are looking.

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museum @Doug88888

Creative Commons/@Doug88888

Museums sometimes have a bad rap.  They are known to be stuffy and boring and full of old stuff. Well, some of them are (and they are still fantastic), but there are science museums, kids museums, and don’t forget halls of fame.  Find a museum that carries your child’s interests and see how their eyes light up. One of The Head GEM’s favorites is the National Air and Space Museum, Stevan F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Washington, DC  where you can see vintage aircraft and a Space Shuttle!

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local art  Alex DeSpain

Creative Commons/Alex DeSpain

One of my goals of living in NYC is to ride the subway and see all of the local art that is on the platforms.  I don’t know if tourists notice it, but there are some cool artists that have contributed to the looks of the NYC transportation system.  When you are vacationing ask about local art shows and galleries to see the picture local artists paint of the town.

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Kylandok scenic outlook

Creative Commons/Kylandok

How many times have you driven past one of those signs promising a beautiful, picture-perfect view?  I know I’ve probably never stopped at one.  If you are on the road plan a little extra time to take a different look at the city.  See how many landmarks you can identify and maybe map your trip out just by the interesting things you see from the bird’s eye view.

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Daddy And Joelle Going To Lake

Photo Credit: Ella Rucker

Spring break is usually known for people flocking to the beaches, but what about other water outlets?  Head to a lake for a serene look at nature in bloom.  You can fish at some lakes so maybe that’s something new the family can try.

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couch surf ScanTheVan

Creative Commons/ScanTheVan

If you want local, off the beaten path experiences this is definitely one way to go. Couch surfing is going to someone’s home and letting them host you.  No hotels, but you need to make a reservation. Vacations are about experiences and memories, and spending a few nights with a totally different family is sure to provide that. is one place to start.

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helicopter epstemar

Creative Commons/epstemar

Now this can come in the form of helicopter tours or maybe you’d like to go tandem ski diving.  A hot air balloon over the city also sounds like fun, right?  Don’t confine yourself to fun on the ground.  Go where the wind takes you.

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video arcade  Evarte

Creative Commons/Evarte

Your kids might think this one is a little weird, but they were going to think that anyway.  Go to an arcade for a few hours. Show kids your mad skills at video games.  Just try, try, try not to say, “I used to be the bomb back in the day!” too many times.  Your kids won’t know what you are talking about and these days it might be a security risk.

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hero R D L

Creative Commons/R D L

You may want to plan your trip around your muse.  Maybe there’s a literary genius’s home you’d like to visit (I’m from Dayton, Ohio if you want to visit my home town…big smile), the bar where a musician you love first played, or how about seeing your favorite athlete play a game?  You can build a vacation around these things, and think of how inspired you will be when you get back.

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Even though most of these things can be done on vacation you can also do some locally.  The idea is to get out of doing the same things all the time and “spring” into some different ways to have fun.  We hope you enjoyed the 10 From GEM: Spring Break Edition.  Tell us what you will be doing (or did) for spring break?  What was your most memorable as an adult or a child?  Let us know!

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