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The GEM Debate: A Horse Is A Horse, Of Course..But Does It Taste Like Chicken?

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The GEM Debate:
A Horse Is A Horse, Of Course..But Does It Taste Like Chicken?

In the U.K. beef lasagnas are being recalled because they don’t meet specifications, but in testing them it was found  they may contain as much as 60 percent horse meat.  Yes, yuck.  However, the outcry in the comments of the article seem to be encouraging a vegan lifestyle stating that each animal that is used for meat should be off the chopping block; it matters not what animal it is.  And quite frankly I agree.  There have been several times in my life where I have questioned  and even changed my food choices to be more sensitive to the animals that lose their lives so that we can eat.

However, I do understand that we have been socialized to believe certain things.  In this country, America, we don’t eat horses, but our animals do.  Horse meat isn’t a delicacy in the United States, it just isn’t something people eat.  So the outrage over horses being a food in the lasagna is a little hypocritical.  British don’t use horse meat for pet food, but in the comments on Huffington Post it seems that people are up in arms that anyone is up in arms about it being horse meat.  Of course, if they were cutting corners and using chicken it wouldn’t have garnered the same type of attention, but that’s chicken.

Yes, it is painful that we get some of our sustenance from other living things, but have you ever wondered how pre-historic man came across the idea to eat meat?  Maybe they were sitting around with another salad like, “You know what this needs…MEAT!”  I laugh.  But there was a reason meat became a popular choice.  Following this train of thought meat is harder to obtain and prepare than veggies so it would stand to reason we really want to eat it.  Which “it” in the meat family is really just a matter of personal choice.  I’m no better because I eat chicken and not horses, but I’m not bad because I like my protein from animals either.

So what do you think?  Does it matter what meat we eat?  Are you better if you eat bacon but not pigs’ feet? Help me find the line here, my people!

Update: Since writing this post it was found that some meat products contained as much as 100 percent horse meat.


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