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Monday Morning Motivation:
The Butterfly’s Struggle

Hi ya and Happy Monday!

I’m still on the road, right now in Orlando, spending a few days of rest and relaxation with the kids before I get back on the road for another Sweet Retreats shoot. But shortly after I arrived, I had a chance to meet up with and get a big hug from  friend and GEM contributor Jackie Gailey.

I met Jackie a few years ago at Disney Social Media Moms and we’ve been friends ever since (ooooh and I have an announcement about this year’s Disney Social Media Moms event coming soon!). Jackie, along with a few other key people, has played a significant role in GEM over the last year or so, something I am most thankful for.

At any rate, Jackie and I started talking about all things life and butterflies (yes I know how crazy that sounds) or more specifically, what happens before they become beautiful. You may have to go back a few years to grade school to recall that transition.

The caterpillar starts as a hairy, not the most attractive thing, and frankly it’s difficult to see which end is up. It inches along, slowly, methodically, not covering much ground and is actually quite unremarkable. Then something, well, remarkable happens; it spins silk and buries itself nto a cocoon.

To the outside world, the cocoon hangs there, lifeless and boring. But inside, hidden from view, the real work of transformation is taking place. It’s an intense period of growth and change and before you know it, that slimy, hairy creature becomes one of nature’s most beautiful works of art.

But the thing about this process is it has to happen when the time is right. Helping a butterfly out of its cocoon doesn’t really help it at all; its wings and body may not be fully developed leaving the butterfly ill-equipped for the challenges of life. Struggling to get out of the cocoon is yet another aspect of the growth and strengthening process.  And you know what strong wings do, right?

For Jackie, myself and everyone else entering, in or emerging from the cocoon phase, this is a quick reminder not to wish it was quick; all transformative work might not be completed. And you’re going to have to get out of that small, safe place on your own because it’s the struggle that makes us strong.

Remember that the next time you’re thinking.. ‘Man, I wish this was easy.”

Now, spread your wings and fly. I know I will!

How do you embrace the challenges or change?

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