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Monday Morning Motivation: Make An Effort Or Make Excuses.. What’s It Gonna Be?

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Monday Morning Motivation:
Make An Effort Or Make Excuses.. What’s It Gonna Be? 


What is UP my lovely GEMs? Hope the weekend treated you well and hope this Monday morning is treating you even better.

Today’s mantra is borne of a conversation I was having with my stepdaughter this weekend. I saw her a few weeks ago when I was out in Colorado shooting Sweet Retreats. At that time, I was having a little bit of trouble, brought on my the altitude but certainly exacerbated by the extra weight I was carrying around.

I got back home and that’s when I decided to embark on my weight control journey. I got fed up and I got serious.

I’m not gonna lie; it took a minute to get here. 2012 was, for me, a very stressful year as I watched my company grow and took on more clients. I put myself and my health on the back burner and the next time I looked up, I was several pounds heavier than was good for me (you can read more about my journey to a healthier me here).

That’s when I realized I had two choices.



Yep. That was it.

Lest you be mistaken, this is not just about weight loss; this is about life.

Unhappy in your relationship? Make an effort at changing it (or you) or make excuses and stay right where you are.

Hate your job? Identify what sort of work you want to do, polish up your resume, join professional organizations, find a mentor and make an effort. Or stay right where you are and complain about your situation, how the economy sucks and  this is a bad time to for to change.

Tired of carrying around extra weight? Buy bigger clothes and crop all the photos where you look fat. I did, along with removing a bunch of fitness buffs from my Facebook timeline because all their talk about weight was making me uncomfortable (self-delusion is a powerful thing).

Or you can make a change.

I finally decided no more excuses; I needed to be accountable for everything that went in my mouth and the amount of energy that I expended in the form of exercise.

It was that simple and it was within my control.

I get that sometimes we get stuck and it may take a moment for us to get moving again; that’s how all of 2012 was for me. But sometimes, you just gotta get moving, whether you’re ready (i.e. motivated) or not.

So there you go. No secret potion or keys to life. In the words of the famous Nike commercial…



How do you get going when you feel stuck?

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