Monday Morning Motivation:
3 Reasons We Get Discouraged And One Way To Break Through!


Sunday morning I had a moment. I would say a good 87% of the time, I’m fairly positive and upbeat but Sunday, it was not to be. I was tired, cranky, facing deadline and getting ready to get on the road for Sweet Retreats. And that’s when the moment hit.

I jumped in that little car and headed down “poor me” lane. Oh, and don’t let anyone, like my loving husband, get in the way of the pity party I was planning and executing for myself.

After a few tears were shed, I went to workout (translation: went shopping) which cleared my mood and head a bit. I was able to think more about the morning, what transpired and how I got to that place. I’ll bet you’ve been there too.

After giving it some thought, I was able to identify three of the reasons we get depressed and one way to break through. 


Creative Commons/Jenna Belle

Creative Commons/Jenna Belle

This was something I learned early on in my days as a local, then ultimately, network news anchor. Fatigue is a beast! It colors your mood, makes your world gray and you, miserable to be around. That’s what happened to me the other morning. After burning the candle at both ends, I was beat; the kind of beat that you’re tired when you wake up. Recognize the place that bad feeling comes from then make it your mission to tame fatigue.

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Creative Commons/SaUd HeLaL

Creative Commons/SaUd HeLaL

Danger, danger, danger! Don’t allow yourself (as I did) to get caught up in wondering, “how long is this going to take?” It’s going to take as long as it takes, whatever “it” is. There is no “Big Book of Rules”, covering career and life. The fact is it takes as long as it’s going to take. Look at it this way; you will still be one year older next year, whether you take steps toward your goal or not. Time is going to pass, whether you get up and move toward your goals or stay in bed doing nothing. One of those options will get you there faster than the other.

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Creative Commons/deeplifequotes

Creative Commons/deeplifequotes

DO NOT DO THIS! I talked about this during my Life Lessons from 2012. Stay in your lane, stay on your mat, run your own race are all variations on a theme, which is your journey is your journey. Quick back story; after I was fired from CBS, I read somewhere that the Today Show’s  Matt Lauer had been out of work for a few years before landing on the news desk at the morning show. So when my two-year period came and went, I was left scratching my head. But what I had to remember was that I wasn’t trying to get a job in the same field; I was rebranding myself and doing something completely different. My journey was not Matt’s journey, something I reminded myself then and do now.

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Creative Commons/Bilal Kamoon

Creative Commons/Bilal Kamoon

It’s very easy..

Just turn that page—————–>

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Rene weight Jan 2013 front.jpg.jpg

THIS is the key! I use this photo of my weight loss journey to illustrate this point. It would be really easy for me to focus on the picture on the far right and say, “Oh look how far I have to go.. (insert sade face here)” without any consideration to how far I’ve come. The problem with that is that you get discouraged, making it easier to give up. So the next time you look in front of you and see miles and miles of road ahead, turn around and look back at all the pavement already under your feet. THAT will keep you going.

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What do you do when you’re feeling discouraged? What are your tricks for staying focused and on track? Share with the rest of the class!

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