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Good Enough Mother Weight Control Reboot:
Ack! I’ve GAINED Weight!

Okay the fun, vigor and enthusiasm has waned, just like last month. But unlike last month, the scale is no longer stuck.

Oh it’s moving… in the wrong direction!

That’s right, for the first time since beginning my weight loss journey, I’ve actually GAINED weight!

Deep breath… Wooo-sa.. Ommmmmmm.

Here’s what happened.

The last post I wrote, I mentioned how I hit a plateau and the ways I was going to push through that.

Well.  I had to get on the road for Sweet Retreats shortly after that.

I ate a lot of grilled fish and veggies, left the bread on the table and during crew lunches, I mostly had salads, always with low-fat dressing on the side.

The bad news? I got zero exercise in during that time. You know how I am about excuses but the simple truth is when I’m on the road, it’s incredibly hard to fit in exercise. I get up early to send notes to Ella for the site for the day, then it’s time to pull myself together for the shoot. We tape all day and then I’m exhausted.

Okay that’s the reality now, how I’m going to combat that.

I’ve decided any exercise is better than no exercise so if I can’t get a full fledged workout in, a brisk walk will suffice. That doesn’t mean I won’t try to do something more vigorous but if I can’t manage, I’ll do this.

Overall I’m happy with my progress, I’ve still lost about 6 1/2 pounds since beginning my journey..

Journey is the key word.. Some days are great, some not so much. But it’s focusing on the overall that will keep me on track.

How do you stay focused when facing a little stumbling block?

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