Where In The World Is Good Enough Mother?
Florida, Baby!

Hey guys! Just a real quick check-in to let you know we are on the run again. Hey, did you have a chance to catch our new show,  Sweet Retreats on the Live Well Network the other night ? If you didn’t see it on air, you can go to the Live Well Network site (online or via the free app) and watch it there. And make sure to poke around a bit; LWN is also home to some other great programming, too.

Anyway, we’re on the road again as we begin shooting season two of the show and to say we are excited, would be a definite understatement (can’t you tell by this picture?). We’re going to showing you some cool locations around the country with awesome properties that you can rent too. Personally I think it’s a great, economical way to travel, especially with families. So keep an eye out on this space and the Live Well Network site for spaces and places you might be interested in renting.

Don’t forget, you can follow my travels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; I mean you never know when you’re gonna come across this.

The show is keeping me busy but just a reminder, I’m still booking speeches for this year. I had a ball traveling the country and to Canada, talking about breast cancer, hair, motherhood and reinvention. I’ve got a big date coming up  in May and a few others on the calendar too. If you’re interested in having Good Enough Mother speak to your group, contact us here; we’ll see what we can do!

Okay, ciao for now my GEMs and if you happen to see me sprinting through an airport, trip me.. and say hi!

Ciao for now!