“Watch” Out! Rene Syler’s Back On TV! (VIDEO)

So you may have heard one, two or a few gazillion times that Rene has had something up her sleeve. Oh, yeah!  It’s finally here!  Rene’s new show on the Live Well Network debuts this Sunday!  Yes. There are a lot of exclamation points, but that’s just what the start of the show is;  the exclamation point to those who thought she was down and out.  She’s back, Babydolls, back I tell ya!

Rene is hosting a new show on the Live Well Network. Sweet Retreats showcases families, friends, couples, and groups who are looking to rent vacation homes rather than a hotel.

So where can you find this show?  Well, we’ll be hosting a virtual watch party right here on Goodenoughmother.com or you can go to the Ustream channel and chat with Rene in real time.  And while you are doing that you can watch Ms. Syler on…drumroll please…

It’s on the Live Well Network, of course!  We have had a few questions on where specifically it is on your dial (or remote for those who have arrived in 2013) so I’ve done my best to figure this out.  Let’s see how this works.


Go to TitanTV.com.  On the first screen you will see a drop down box.  Choose it.  At the bottom of the drop down box it gives you the option to create a new channel lineup.  Choose that.


You should now see an option for broadcast, cable, digital cable or satellite. Make your selection.


Now you should have the box above.  Enter your zip code and provider and you should be able to then go to the date/time grid and find a listing for Sweet Retreats on Sunday at 3pm and/or 7:30pm (EST).


 You can also go to the Live Well Network website and enter your city and find out where you can see the show.

Here’s a preview!


If you aren’t able to find the Live Well Network in your city, make sure to check the website for episode. You are not going to want to be the one around the water cooler who didn’t see Rene Syler’s triumphant return to the airwaves.

So are you excited?  Will you be joining us on the Ustream channel watching the ever fabulous Sweet Retreats?  I sure hope you will.  Oh, and don’t forget to like the Sweet Retreats Facebook page.  Now let’s hear ya out there.

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