Sweet Retreats Coming Sunday To A TV Near You!

It’s HERE!

OMG I feel like I just birthed a baby without gaining 35 pounds!

As many of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter already know, I have been working on a super exciting TV project for Disney/ABC-owned Live Well Network. It’s called Sweet Retreats and it highlights this growing trend of people renting houses or apartments while on vacation, instead of going the hotel route. I think it’s such a fantastic idea, especially for families.

I mean look, if you’re vacationing with kids, what’s the first thing they want to do when they get up? EAT! That means you have to order pricey room service. Booo… When it’s time for the kids to go to bed at 8pm, that means it’s lights out for you too and did someone say, “GIVE-ME-SOME-SPACE?” Uh, yeah.. No.

That’s why vacationing this way makes so much sense!

So I’m excited to share with you some awesome vacation properties that you can rent! So tune in this Sunday for the premiere of Sweet Retreats on the Live Well Network. You can go here to find the show in your area and don’t forget to follow us on The Sweet Retreats Facebook page.

This has been one of the most fun projects I have ever done in more than two decades of television. So quick shout-out to the Sweet Retreats, Live Well Network and Disney/ABC team,  a group of amazing professionals who are creating and selling something wonderful!

Make sure you tune in and I’ll have more for you in the coming days leading up to our big debut!

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