Life Lessons:
Royale Watkins

Well, looky here.  GEM Nation is doing it big in 2013.  For those of you who will be in New York City on January 20th (and without a TV, cough-cough, Sweet Retreats, cough-cough) you’ll definitely want to check out Royale Watkins’s show.  Royale and his wife, April, have been so kind to share their Life Lessons with us before his big day.  If you have a major event you’d like to highlight (or even if you don’t) send us an email and we will get the questions to you.  Now take it away, Royale!

Are you happy at the moment?


If you could go back and say anything to your 16-year-old self, what would it be?

Be MORE truthful.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned this year?

NEVER EVER give up.

What do you most want to achieve in the next 12 months.

Financial Freedom (pay all debt).

What’s your secret to happiness?

Do what I want with no regrets.

What one ritual or practice keeps you grounded?


What’s your biggest regret?


What’s the most important lesson you’ve taught your kids?


What bad habit would you most like to change about yourself?

Well, some unmentionables.. (yeah, Rene edited that). And the late night snacks.

Aside from fatherhood what are you most proud of?

Most proud of the way I represent myself in this business and what I stand for.

When were you the happiest?

Before my second youngest brother was killed. Without question. Everything after has been me pretending. Even now.

What ten words best describe you?

Horny, determined, innovative, respectful, horny, committed, prayerful, horny, hopeful…. and horny.