Good Enough Mother Weight Control Reboot:
5 Ways To Push Through Plateaus


Yep, it was bound to happen. I knew it was coming, have known this forever, having grown up an athlete but that didn’t make it any less disheartening.

I hit the wall.

The scale stopped moving and to my absolute horror, sometimes has crept upward a few ounces. EEEK!

Working out became, well. WORK.

In years past, that would have been enough to knock me off my routine; we’re all creatures of habit and we long to get back to that place that is the most comfortable. But this is not about comfort; it’s about change, something I recognize as necessary but still haven’t fully embraced.

But back to the task at hand, which is learning how to bust through the plateau where I find myself. I have 5 quick tips that help me and might help you too.


As you know, I started Weight Watchers several weeks ago. When I first started, I was vigilant about measuring, recording what I was eating and my exercise. Then you start to feel like, “Oh, I can eyeball this.” or, “I’ll write it down later” both of which are difficult scenarios. Eyeballing stuff means you don’t get an exact measurement and there’s a big difference between 1/4 cup and 1/2 cup of brown rice. Writing it down later means you run the risk of forgetting. So it’s time to break out the measuring cups and take the time to record my food and activity as it happens, rather than trying to remember at the end of the day.

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When I’m not traveling for my show, Sweet Retreats,  Buff and I have developed a nice little habit of getting to the gym every morning. We get the kids out the door and we’re right on their heels. I do 20-30 minutes of weights and 45 minutes of cardio (I break it up into 2 sessions, one 30 minutes before weights and another 15 afterward). I don’t really think I need to do MORE cardio but I do need to up the intensity.

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Yes, the scale has yet to stabilize around where I want it to, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am seeing results. At last check, I had lost five pounds. My clothes are starting to loosen up and I’m seeing muscle develop in my upper body. Those are real results, borne of the work I’m putting in. Of course, I want it to be more and I wanted to have lost it all yesterday but that is not the nature of real weight loss. Permanent weight loss is slow and steady and as such, I am right on track at about a pound a week.

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 4. REST!

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Along with diet and exercise, studies show rest is a critical component of weight control. Besides, if you’re working out regularly, you probably won’t be able to keep your eyes open past 9PM. Remember you’re changing your body and if you’re lifting weights, you muscles need time to rest and repair. Do yourself a favor and listen to your body and get as much sleep as you can.

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When I posted pics of my journey to date on Facebook, Twitter and  Instagram, there were some who thought I looked fine, even in the before photos. Maybe, but I can tell you I didn’t FEEL fine and that is what this is ultimately about. As I mentioned before, I am not doing this to fit in a pair of size 6 jeans; I’m doing this because, on the cusp of my 50th birthday, I want to be healthy and strong. This is not about looking like I’m 25  (which would take Herculean effort and even then, is just not be possible); this is really about being the best 50-year-old I can be.

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One more thing that is a huge help for me, particularly when I get discouraged, is visualization. Remember I told you I will be standing on stage this summer at a huge event? I know what I want to look like. I know how I want to feel. Remembering that keeps me motivated to eat well and get moving.. even on the days when I’da rather stay in bed.

You can do this! I know I can!

What do you do when trying to power through plateaus? It doesn’t have to be about weight either; they could be work or relationship plateaus. What’s your secret?

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