Ooooh….  I’m super excited to tell you about two of my passions that are about to collide full force and you could be the beneficiary. As many of you who follow me already know, while I am a brand/blogger now, my background is actually telelvision. I spent nearly 20 years in TV news before getting kicked out on my fanny. That wasn’t a bad thing; it helped clarify a lot of stuff for me and I was able to pursue my real passion, which is writing and communication.

But, as is often the case,  life is cyclical and you know what that means, right? I’m back on TV! I’ve been named host of the Live Well Network’s (which, like, is owned by Disney) newest, original program, called Sweet Retreats.

via Can You Travel With The Family And Save Money Too? How About A Sweet Retreat? (VIDEO) | Good Enough is Perfect.