Where In The World Is Good Enough Mother?
Breckenridge, Colorado, Baby!

Hola GEMs!

I’m going to try not to speak too loudly because my head is pounding and it’s not because I partook of too much holiday cheer last night. I have a wee headache and a tight chest because I woke up at nearly a mile above sea level! So instead of it feeling like 10 pounds on my hips, it’s like 20 on my chest. This old gal is feelin’ it!

The Sweet Retreats team has traveled here to tape an episode of our show and while it’s beautiful, I’m on the hunt for something that will make my pounding head go away. Well not my head, just the ache.

We have some exciting news on the show front; we have a TIME SLOT! We also have a DEBUT DATE! I’ll tell you  more once I get approval and then tell you where you can find it.  So exciting!! We’re gearing up for a busy new year as we already have two shows in the works for January. The location? Think polar opposite to where we are now. Any guesses?

I’ll be checking in from the road  this week but Ella’s holdin’ it down from the GEM satellite office, ensuring there will be no interruption in service (sounds like a cable commercial, right?). Oh and be sure to watch for a couple of her great pieces from her trip to Disney and the opening of New Fantasyland this week.

I gotta get up and going; the call time is quite early today and it’s going to take me longer to get ready since I have more clothing to put on. Have a phenomenal day and hey, it you have any ideas for how to deal with this elevation headache, leave them in the comments section; I’m willing to try just about anything at this point!

Be well!

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