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GEM On The GO! 5 Ways To Travel With A Teen And Still Come Home With Cash!


 GEM On The GO!
5 Ways To Travel With A Teen And Still Come Home With Cash 

Hey all, hope you had a great week; we’re coming off a spectacular one!

Before I tell you about it, let me ask you something: When was the last time you had a chance to spend one-on-one time with any of your kids? If you’re like the folks on my Facebook page, you do it pretty regularly. And, like the folks on the Facebook page agreed it’s pretty darn important. So against that backdrop, I planned a little mother-daughter excursion with my mini-me.

You may remember that I did this last year with my son. It was a great time and a wonderful opportunity for me to see my kid in a different light; not the boy I gave birth to, rather the man he is becoming. Now it was time for mommy and daughter to get away.

Like a lot of folks we’re on a budget with a capital “B” but my daughter is growing up fast; I don’t have time to wait for the economy to turn around before trying to capture some special time with her.

So here are the ways I captured a moment in time,  saved money in the process and how you can too!

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Casey and me in the uber-cool lobby of
The Revere Hotel in Boston

This was a surprise trip for Casey and it was my girlfriend, Patricia’s idea borne of an offer that came to her inbox. Last Minute Travel was offering a hotel voucher for The Revere Hotel in Boston.  We could do that; it was within driving distance and the price was right. We snagged two vouchers each and paid $131 bucks a night.

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We knew what our girls were going to want to.. shop ’til they (and we) dropped! Planning out what we were going to do ahead of time enabled us to budget where we were going to spend the lion’s share of our cash. Did I mention shopping?

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Oh I love me some hearty, cheap food. One the night we arrived, I asked the bellman about a place where we could eat well without breaking the bank. He sent us over to MJ O’conner’s, a little pub within walking distance of the hotel. Instead of meals, everyone ordered appetizers (except me; I had a salad), which probably saved us 20% off the bill. Oh and we were stuffed at the end of the evening.

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Our day at Bliss Spa-Boston

We started Saturday morning with mother-daughter manicures at Bliss Spa. Now if you’ve never been in a Bliss Spa (and I had not), it is a treat! Clean, bright and smells fantastic, we knew what we were in for. The manager Irisha, gave us a quick tour of the place before we settled in for a spot of tea while waiting for our appointments.  Now here’s the bang-for-your-buck part. A basic manicure at Bliss runs 30 bucks but it ain’t just about the nails; you have to go for the experience. Irisha explained to us that, if we wanted, we could change into robes, try out the products, drink tea, have brownies for breakfast (um, HELLO, I think I love you!), all while waiting for our appointments. What’s not to love about a cup of Earl Grey, a bunch of brownies and at the end of the appointments, nails to die for?

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Watching your dollars? Then you’d better find free fun. We walked Commonwealth Avenue Mall which was beautifully decorated for the holidays. After that, it was back to the hotel for some swimming and a little rest before dinner. There was more FF (Free Fun) but we were tired so instead opted to check out the insides of out eyelids for a few hours.

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All in all we had a terrific time bonding over shopping bags and snow showers.

So when was the last time you traveled with your teen? How did you manage to come home with some money in your wallet?

DISCLAIMER: A big Good Enough Mother “Thank YOU!” to Bliss Spa who took amazing care of us (your words are ringing in our ears: “Your hands are jewels not tools!”). Also thanks to The Revere Hotel, that paid for Casey and my meal at the Rustic Kitchen restaurant. 

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