Happy Birthday! Oh wait!

It is not your birthday or mine (yet). It is my daughter’s birthday weekend and as I watched her open her presents and blow out her candles I was a little nervous about the Pinterest recipe for a homemade owl cake I’d prepared for her party.  To hear the appreciation for this hideous (to me at least) birthday cake was music to my ears.

And there it was. I realized what she exudes.

She was grateful for her cake, because she got a cake.  She was grateful for all the gifts she had received; loved the cake because I made it and because I created the design.

Somewhere along the way, I taught her to be grateful. That makes me a proud mother!   So I got to thinking… what life lessons our guys have taught their children that was lasting and important.  Here’s what they said:


I’ve always told my kids we’re stronger together than when we’re apart.  That isn’t proximity it’s philosophy.  We are a united front and nothing can stop us.  But I tell them all – the girls in particular – that you can do anything you set your mind to.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, don’t let someone say you can’t just because you’re a girl.  I know all four kids are smart, funny and imaginative.  It’s a good combination.  If they ever need anything, one or all of us will be there.

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Creative Commons/charliecurve

You live in an affluent area of a country with great opportunity, and can learn to do almost anything in life. But you can’t be taught to be passionate– you either feel it or you don’t. Being employed doing something you are passionate about is always worth more than the money. And if you can also do something that benefits others, that’s even better, because it isn’t all about you.

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help others

Creative Commons/Keoki Seu 

Life is about people helping people, imparted to me by my dad when I was 15 and it has served me well in my journey of life.

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It really is great when we see our children becoming the people we want them to be using the life lessons we preach over and over and over again.  Birthdays are for the kids, but it was great to know that all that labor (of love) all those years ago is still paying off.

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