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Ask Rene: Is Our Grandson Too Young For A Cell Phone?


Ask Rene:
Is Our Grandson Too Young For A Cell Phone? 

Hi Rene: 

I have a eight-year-old grandchild who is with his dad most of the time; unfortunately we don’t get to communicate with him that often , because his dad never answers his phone. So we never know where he is, and with whom. My grandson is very bright kid, and asked for a phone so he could call us. Just wanted to know your thoughts, is eight too young?


Wanting to stay in touch

Hi Wanting:

This is an interesting question and one I actually get quite frequently; in fact I’ve written about my kids’ experiences with cell phones . In your case, it actually sounds like there might be a little more than meets the eye. Still I think there’s a way around it and one that would be beneficial for everyone. Let’s look at the issue and I’ll give you my advice.

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Hmm, that’s a good question. In most cases, I would say yes because it’s rare not to know where a eight-year-old is going to be at any given time of the day; typically they go to school, maybe a playdate and then back home and most always with adult supervision.  Your situation is a bit different, in that you would like to be able to reach your grandson when you want to.

I think the other issue you need to ask yourself is how responsible is he? How likely is he to hang on to the phone without it being damaged or lost? That’s a bit of a tough call because even the most responsible eight-year-old is still, well, eight-years-old. So remember that and get an insurance plan if you do decide to get him a phone.

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Cell phones are expensive. I would make sure you’re clear on a data usage plan  (think unlimited texting) or buy a pre-paid phone, which are becoming quite popular these days. Because my husband and I both worked in the city, our kids first cell phones were Firefly phones, which was perfect for them given their limited calling ability.

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Forgive me for reading between the lines and I may be 100% off-base about this but there’s something about your letter that is raising a red flag for me. I’m not sure what the relationship is with you and your grandson’s father but I definitely don’t think you should buy your grandson a cell phone without checking with him (and his   mother)  first. A cell phone is a big responsibility and expense; if you do that without checking with them, you could be seen as undermining their authority, something that could be confusing for your grandchild. Check with them first, then abide by their wishes.

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This is a common question nowadays in the plugged-in, wired-up world in which we live and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. But I think if you proceed with caution, and take everyone’s feelings into account, you can find a way to keep in touch with your grandson without overstepping your bounds.

Good luck !

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