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Hug It Out! 5 Ways To Snag A Tender Moment With Your Teen!


Hug It Out! 5 Ways To Snag A
Tender Moment With Your Teen!

And here you thought breaking into Fort Knox was tough! Take a good, hard look at the picture above. That was way back, when the hugs and kisses were as plentiful as Florida sunshine. I hate to say (and much to the chagrin of new mothers everywhere), it doesn’t last very long.

Remember when those 22-pounders reeked of baby powder and milk (along with some not-so-delicious smells)? There was  really nothing better than them snuggling into that crook of your neck, chubby hands placed on your cheeks so they could get a better glimpse into your soul. 

And now, the reality: soak it in while you can. I mean the truth is, we want to have our cake and eat it too, right? We can’t wait until our kids are independent, yet we still want HOD (Hugs on Demand). Well, it doesn’t work that way. This is not to burst your bubble as much as it is to help you devise a game plan. So here are the 5 (semi-sneaky) ways to get your teen to hug it out. You can thank me later.

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I’m going to tell you right now, this is your best bet of getting a hug without any pushback. It will help if they are a)prone and b) have their eyes closed. I think I hugged Cole for at least five minutes here until I was overcome by the smell of boy’s cologne, body odor and the fact that there were no sheets on the bed. On a related note, I have also decided to move the dishwasher to his room, since that’s where all the plates are.

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 Ah-ha! This is another great tactic. Cole never saw me coming. Of course, it was fast because he was with his “crew” and would rather have had a root canal or be kicked in the shins. The trick to this hug is to, “Hit it and quit it.” Get in and get out fast.

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The cool thing about this is  since it hardly feels like a hug, the young ones won’t catch on until it’s done.  Before they know it, “BAM” they’ve been hugged, you get your fix and no one is the wiser. Trust me, this I know.

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“Come here child. Just for a quick pic!” They lean in and BOOM, your heart soars because you’ve got your affection addiction handled for another few minutes. Bonus points if they’re smiling and not giving you the stiff arm.

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This works when all else fails. It doesn’t have to be cash; can be a gift card, the promise of a burger for breakfast or just 10 minutes of you not bothering them to do whatever it is you usually bother them about. Use sparingly as it can get pricey.

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Those are the 5 tips I have for getting teen affection. Have a few of your own? Go ahead and share with the rest of us!

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I’m thrilled to be partnering with Hallmark in 2012 for its “Life Is A Special Occasion” campaign. Of course, the characters in my rantings are real and the opinions are all my own.

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