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Survivor Stories: Adrian B. McClenney

Survivor Stories:
Adrian B. McClenney

How did you first find out you had cancer?

After being misdiagnosed for about five months I was finally given a biopsy where the results showed that I had a rare but an aggressive breast cancer name Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

How did you react when you heard the news?

My reaction was more of a I knew something was wrong type of reaction but my focus was on my children and what will the doctors be able to do to help me be here for my children.

What course of treatment were you prescribed?

I was prescribed 16 cycles of chemotherapy treatments, a bilateral double mastectomy where 26 lymphnodes were removed and 37 cycles of radiation treatment.

What most surprised you about your treatment?

That I was able to fight and know that I wasn’t going to let my mind take over. I was really surprised that I could see the changes in my body by the second treatment.

What would your advice be to anyone who’s just received a cancer diagnosis?

That you can live life after cancer and no it doesn’t mean death. Take one day and a time and know life is beautiful and to start living today.

How long have you been cancer free?

I have been cancer free since March 2012.

What lessons did you learn from the experience?

I learned that patience is very important and to never ever take anything or anyone for granted.

If you could send one message to all the Good Enough Mothers out there – what would it be?

To smile and be happy to always take care of yourself first because you can never be a help to anyone else if you are not here. Always live, love and laugh. Never put off small goals for tomorrow because tomorrow is not promised.

Adrian B. McClenney is 42 years old, proudly married and is a proud mother of two wonderful children.  Adrian has graciously served her community through her extensive community service efforts.  These organizations have allotted Adrian a platform to educate, empower and enrich the lives of others through her powerful messages.  In February 2012, Adrian and four other women established the Miami Chapter of  Sisters Network, Inc. to address the cultural needs of breast cancer survivorship crisis affecting minorities, underinsured and underserved around the country; by directly getting the message in such communities that we must “Stop the Silence” about breast cancer.  Being, diagnosed early with this rare type of aggressive breast cancer, saved her life. Adrian has vowed to educate the masses and advocate the importance of annual mammograms as early as 20 years of age and daily self exams to stop this deadly disease.  Early detection is the key.


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