Good Enough Mother Is ‘Philly Bound And We Want YOU!

Say hey everybody! I hope you’re feeling a bit better than Good Enough Mother; I’m under the weather, never a great place to be seein’ as there are no sick days for mommy (See Chapter 11 of my book) but like we all do, we just soldier on. At any rate, I’m going to make this short and sweet so I can get my feverish head back on the pillow. We haven’t announced details yet (you know… lawyers and stuff) but you may have heard us allude to it in this space. We’re getting ready to get on the road to shoot a really fun show! Now, this is not the one we’ve been telling you about; because we’re multi-taskers by nature (I am woman; hear me roar), we’re taking on this project as we continue casting for the other one. We have a debut date and everything and as we get closer I will let you know what it is and where you can find it.

BUT….. there’s something we need from you!

Ella and I are marshaling our forces, getting in contact with moms and dads we’ve met over the last few years because we’d like to get you on tape. We can explain more about what we’re looking for when you contact us.

So if you are a parent blogger who lives the Philadelphia area and are available for a quick interview Sunday, October 28th, drop us a line here; we’ll tell you more when we hear from you!

And don’t worry that you’re missing out because you don’t live in Philly. We’re going to be shooting an entire season (maybe more) so we might be coming to you town!

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