Monday Morning Motivation:
Focus On The Big Picture

Confession time.. it happens to me too.

Over the last several weeks, like a lot of people, I got stuck in the side-track trap. Let me explain.

All those years ago, when I had that big gig, lost that big gig, breasts and hair too, what I wanted was to get back in TV. Not TV news, mind you, but communicating in a way that I thought would be real and meaningful to a specific audience. That would be you. After the big TV talent agency and I parted ways, I set about figuring out a way to achieve my goal. But  I didn’t have money for a publicist, agent or any other surrogate; the work was going to fall to me.

Fast forward several years and some interesting things have happened. I really started loving online media world and the GEMpire we were building here. And wouldn’t you know, as my focus shifted to the things here, the TV biz started heating up again.

Now,  because I am just one woman, I have had to come to the realization that (even with the help of another woman) I can only do so much. I  had to give myself a figurative “SNAP OUT OF IT, WOMAN!” when I felt guilty for not being able to do it all.

See, what’s  happened now is not one but a couple of TV projects are heating up and I just got a call on another one the other day. I just finished and am shopping my manuscript for a second book and there are some crazy cool things working with Disney-owned, who I also write for.

A while back I was able to manage it all; update the site frequently and all the other commitments but honestly I’ve had to take a teeny step back, something that bothers me immensely. Then it hit me: THIS is what I wanted, what I started the site for all those years ago! It makes no sense to give short shrift to those things that come about as a result.

I had (for a moment) lost focus of the goal, which was to get  back to a medium I love. It makes no sense to lament that when it comes around now, does it?

Are there instances in your life where you have lost focus of the big picture? What is your big picture and and how do  you keep moving toward that? How do you know when you’ve veered away?

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