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Eyes Wide Open: In Life, It Really Is All About Connections (VIDEO)

Hi, GEM Nation!  This is Ella. Rene handed me the reins because we are scattered to the four corners at this moment. She’s on location in Chatham, Massachusetts; as of press on this article I should be flying home from a family reunion in Ohio; and today’s contributor, always-on-the-go Amy Montalvo, is…well, you’ll just have to watch the video to find out.

That’s right. Amy is making connections all over the globe with her company OnePass Productions. She’s not only out there working hard telling the stories for her clients and writing for Good Enough Mother, but she’s also out there trying to make a bigger difference.  We all know that usually means more cash and so Amy entered this video in a competition for an American Airlines campaign targeting small businesses. Amy didn’t win her bid this time, but you know we are super proud of her!  She is helping out Good Enough Mother tremendously by taking time out of her busy shooting and traveling schedules to keep the GEM Nation updated on her travels and connecting us with other cultures. The video was created using about eight different locations between Uganda and Kenya.  She says she, “had a blast doing it”, and worked her butt off to get it done, as she found out about the contest with only four days until the deadline.  (Yep.  That’s how we all roll around the GEMpire.)

As for staying connected to her home, Amy is keeping up with her favorite NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys, by staying awake for a game time start of 2am in Madrid, Spain and cheering her team on in real time.  Can you say “true fan”? They rewarded her dedication with a win.

Thanks, Amy, for connecting us with such interesting people and places, and giving us a look into your world as you make a difference and…connections. Way to go!

Oh, and if you guys have a story of a group or an individual making a difference, really CONNECTING with people, you can reach Amy here.


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Amy Montalvo is an entrepreneur, a journalist, and an avid sports fan. She’s based in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, but tries to set up her ‘office’ in as many international locations as possible. She’s playing reporter, photographer, editor, writer, and producer at her company, ONEPASS Productions and loving every minute of it. She loves traveling, dancing, meeting new people, and catching up with old friends. She always wants more stamps in her passport but will forever remain Texas loud and proud.

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