Ooooooooh exciting! So.. you know I am totally in LOVE with this whole “new media” thing ( though, really, can we even call it new anymore?) and tonight I get to take another really big step toward immersion in that.

As you know Mitt Romney is going to be speaking at the Republican National Convention as he accepts his party’s nomination for president. People will watch that address on traditional over-the-air television and/or online, as a number of websites will stream live Romney’s comments.

I have been asked by to moderate a panel (to be streamed live) following Romney’s speech. Working in conjunction with (for whom I also write) our panel will focus on the speech and how it will play to or address the concerns of mothers.

Now, how can you follow along?  You can go here—>  to catch the  ABC News/Yahoo! News Moms Response Hangout.

I also plan to embed the hangout on so you can tune in here to watch and ask questions.

Alright, I guess I’d better throw on a bit of make-up since I’m unchaining from this laptop and heading into the city.

Regardless of your political affiliate, I do hope you watch Mitt Romney’s speech (just as I hope you also watch President Obama next week) and take part in the political process. Make your voice heard!

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