Remember last week I told you I was attending the biggest, baddest, blogging conference on the block? Well, I’m back from BlogHer ’12 and it was a blast! I’m typically speaking when I go to conferences; this time I was on just one panel so I had a chance to relax and take it all in. There were great speakers and events, tons and tons and TONS of exhibitors plus the opportunity to see people IRL (in real life, hello?) with whom I interact daily online. Oh and the chance to spend several nights in a schwanky New York hotel room by myself. Yeah, that too.

Now, I could do a rather dry post about all the stuff I saw and people I met but I thought it would be much more fun to show you. I worked hard posing for pictures on and around the convention floor, all with you in mind. So without further ado, here is my piece which I am calling (appropriately so), Awwwww, SNAP!

SIFTEO! So here I am with the Sifteo Cube Mascot. Sifteo Cubes are little electronic cubes that sense motion and do all sorts of fun things. Designed for kids of all ages, they are not at all like the blocks we used to have, you know with A, B, C on them. The company prides itself on designing, “intelligent play” but don’t take my word for it; check out their homepage. They really are cool.



DINNER ALONE! I was on the run all day Thursday with appearances and appointments and you know something? Even copious amounts of canapes severed by beautiful people in even more beautiful surroundings are not going to stick to the ribs. So I had a little late night nosh at the bistro next to my hotel.

MCDONALD’S LISTENING TOUR: I was invited to attend the McDonald’s Listening Tour where they unveiled some of their healthier breakfast options like this Fruit and Walnut snack as well as the Blueberry Yogurt Parfait. But my all-time favorite is pictured in the back. The Blueberry Banana Oatmeal is the BOMB and fewer than 300 calories.

I WENT TO GREECE AND ALL I GOT WAS YOGURT BARS! Okay, I didn’t really go to Greece but the yogurt bars by Rickland Orchards were as yummy as they are convenient. You know how good Greek yogurt tastes with a little bit of fruit and nuts? Yeah, well this is it, in bar form. Bonus points for being all natural, too.

REMEMBER HER NAME! Lavon Morris-Grant was married to a man who never once beat her. That’s not to say they didn’t have trouble and one day it exploded full force. That’s when he aimed a gun and shot her three times while their children were downstairs. Then he shot and killed himself. She escaped with her life but still carries with her that horrible memory, as well as the bullets, which surgeons were not able to remove. Lavon gave a powerful speech at the Verizon luncheon where the telecommunications giant told us more about Hopeline, a program whereby you can donate your old phone to be used by domestic violence victims and survivors. So check out Hopeline as well as this amazing survivor, Lavon Morris-Grant. She is one of the many faces of domestic violence, and remember there are some just like her living in your own community. 

THE BIEBS AND ME! I love this guy, you know I do; don’t you remember when he came to visit me at my house (sort of)?  Well, he was, right there at the door of the Hallmark suite, greeting us as we walked in. He feigned disinterest. I know better.

ALSO AT THE HALLMARK SUITE? A clever was to display all those holiday cards.


ALSO AT THE HALLMARK SUITE? Some cool ornaments, like this one, The North Pole Countdown, that cleverly marks the days to Christmas (play the video!).


ZAC EFRON AND GOOD ENOUGH MOTHER: Our eyes met from across the room of the suite on the 42nd floor of the Hilton. We moved toward each other, slowly at first, then faster as the beat of my heart quickened. And then, when I could no longer stop myself,  I fell into the arms of..


A CARDBOARD CUTOUT! Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

I HATE LAUNDRY: But if I have to do it, it would be nice to feel sexy while sorting lights from darks. How can you look at this machine from Samsung, with all its bells and whistles, and feel anything BUT?

AND SPEAKING OF SEXY (TIME): Trojan, yes, the condom manufacturer, is introducing a line of what they’re calling, Trojan Vibrations, vibrators to you and me. Well okay, to you. Anyway, I thought there were a couple novel things about this booth. First, the impossibly good-looking people they hired to talk about them in  a matter-of-fact way, like we were discussing flavors of chewing gum; it was great that they were so open about it. Secondly, these are sold in stores, no more sneaking around, ordering and receiving “discreetly wrapped packages”. And thirdly, and  perhaps most telling, they brought 4500 or so, er, “units” and by the beginning of the second day, all but 200 were gone. Yeah. Let that soak in for a moment.

ALL SUITED UP:  I’m getting ready to go for it in the Chuck E. Cheese ticket tank. Me thinks a fluffy dress was the wrong wardrobe choice for this.


EVEN MY FRIEND, DEBBIE MICHELL OF THE BLOGGER CONNECTION, GAVE IT A GO! She did mention that afterward, she found tickets everywhere. EVERYWHERE!


FUN WITH TOILET PAPER! Quilted Northern wanted to talk about confident clean; I wanted to see how many times one roll of TP could go around my head.



ARMY STRONG! Sort of.. She had to help me do a pull-up.

ARMY STRONG!  They asked for my Army Strong face. This looks less like strength and more like I’m smelling something foul.



COME ON, BABY! MAMA NEEDS…EGGS? I was trying to win a three-month supply of Eggland’s Best eggs. Check out the intensity. Can you imagine if they were giving away bacon with them?


MORE KISSING OF INANIMATE OBJECTS: For real, I have got to get out more. (Mannequins from

ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE (COACH): Continuing my tour of the convention floor and further proving I never met a camera I didn’t like, I stopped for a snap in front of the Wells Fargo Stagecoach. As you know, I am a fan of Wells Fargo, which is why I opted not to try to squeeze my rear into their prop wagon. I thought about it though.

LUNCH! COURTESY HILLSHIRE FARM: I sampled some of their Gourmet Creations, which were heavenly as is evidenced by my expression.

I FINISHED THE WEEKEND WITH A BAG ON MY HEAD: It was the thing to do at the McDonald’s CheeseburgHer party. There were burgers and embellished bags on nearly every head, except for my dignified friend Melanie, of Melanie In The Middle. Speaking of dignified, go read her hilarious post on her (mis)use of the Poise Cooling Towelettes. I dare you not to laugh. And snort.

So there you have it, a spin around the BlogHer ’12 convention floor and an idea of how to liven up your photos. Just remember it takes a special person to still look good with a bag on her head. I am not that person.

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