Life is a balancing act. My son used to ask me if certain things could be eaten “too much”, and my answer would most certainly be, “If it’s ‘too’ then, yes, it is ‘too’ much.” I try to teach my children moderation and at 49 1/2, I am realizing that I have to learn that lesson all over again. So here are some things I am learning about balancing my hormones.

1.Your adrenal glands are not being helped by caffeine, sugar, or white flour. Cut out the caffeine by eliminating coffee, chocolate, some sodas, and energy drinks. Each of these things have different levels of caffeine depending on what they are, but you get the gist. These substances are just bad for you all around. Use natural sugars like honey, stevia, and maple syrup to sweeten your food.

via Natural Ways to Balance Your Hormones : Parentables.