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Monday Morning Motivation: It’s Okay To Slow The Pace

Can the church say AMEN? Maybe it’s the dog days of summer; maybe it’s just that I’ve been working like a dog but (and I know you’ve heard me say this before; last week, wasn’t it?) I’m whipped! Not just physically but mentally too, and that’s why I’m bringing this very important Monday Morning Motivation to you today.

Ella and I were talking (and by talking I mean texting, tweeting, IM’ing; oh you mean that phone thing actually works?) this weekend and I confessed to her something that really scared the crap out of me; I felt like I was losing my creativity. I’ve never, EVER, been at a loss for words and lucky for me, since I write for a living, those always managed to make their way from my brain to my fingertips with relative speed and ease. But this weekend, as I was trying to get a jump on some of my writing commitments for the week, as well as manage our upcoming Twitter party (you are coming right? Look what you can win!), some big projects, travel, oh,  and my family too, a strange thing happened. I opened my laptop, perched my fingers over the keyboard and out came….


Nada. Zip. Zilch. I had nothing to say, there was nothing to add, I had been enlightened exactly three times and they weren’t really worth mentioning. Yep, that was it. Stick a fork in me, I’m done. I have not one more thing to say.

Of course we know that’s not true and thankfully I have kids who act out (on occasion) or witness some foolishness that requires me to write it down so as to document it from now until the end of time. It’s just that for some reason, last week, everyone (kids included) was on their best behavior.

What does all this mean? It means that I have to listen to that part of my brain and heart that says, I deserve a rest. It’s not that I won’t be writing and promoting and crashing into your space every now and again. But (like I said a few weeks ago) I’m going to do it less so that I can get a handle on all the moving parts in my life.

So from now until the beginning of September, I’m not going to panic if I don’t get a post up everyday. I won’t hyperventilate if I take my hands off the steering wheel for a second and I am definitely going to be okay saying, “No, I can’t do that” if another assignment comes my way.

What about you? Do the dog days of summer make it easier to ease up off the gas, to take a little breather as we head into fall? And how do you feel when you do that? Do you feel like you’re slacking off or like you deserve it?

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