I must admit that, for the complicated issues that come with raising teenagers, there are also some pretty cool things too. They love to ask questions (well, when they’re speaking to us) and those are typically pretty deep ones. The other day, Cole asked me about the presidential election, whether I was going to vote and for whom. Since I subscribe to the “teachable moment” theory of parenting, I took the opportunity to talk to him more in depth, not just about what we believe but about what’s important to him too.

But you don’t have to wait until your kids are teens to get them interested in the political process. One way is to help your child start a voter registration campaign in your front yard, at your local community center, or even at the grocery store (with permission, of course). Registration deadlines are different in each state so know before you get started.

via How to Get Your Kids Involved During Election Season : Parentables.