Last week I stumbled upon a cache of old 3/4” videotapes from when I started my career in television. I met my late wife at that job and we fell in love in a swirling, youthful whirlwind not unlike Aaron Sorkin’s new show The Newsroom.

But saved in one of those tapes were two segments that represent two points in our lives that I saw as pivotal. They’re memories I’d saved and would return to in my mind’s eye when we had marriage problems or were stressed out. These two days were part of the amazing early days where we started to become far more than friends.

Had I ever looked . . . had we looked together . . . I would have seen that Andrea cherished those same memories, or why would she have saved the entire segment, not just the archived pieces?  Now I can show my children just what their mom did and why I fell in love.

What about you? Do you take Christmas videos, or pictures with your boyfriend, remembering them; posting them on Facebook or Instagram? Are you more reminiscent with your social media “friends” than with your significant other? Take my example . .  because think how much more amazing it could be if you shared them with the one you love.


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