Ah yes, my muse, she is everywhere. It’s a wonderful thing to have a profession centered on creativity, but sometimes it strikes in the oddest of places and not always when I’m prepared. As much as I’d love to, having an office everywhere is just not feasible and carrying my laptop at all times is not just good for my back, so I have to improvise. Here are the places I find inspiration in the everyday and what I do to capture it before it recedes into the white noise of my life. Take a look at my list, then add yours with the solution, in the comments section.

1. The refrigerator. How many times do you go to your fridge and have an epiphany while staring at last night’s escarole? Yeah, me, too. But by the time I trudge back to the laptop carrying some form of chocolate, the idea is gone. Kind of works that way with any place in the kitchen. Tip: place a whiteboard near the refrigerator or if you’re ideas are really big, use whiteboard paint and cover an entire wall.

via Looking For Inspiration? Find it (and Capture It) in These Unexpected Places : Parentables.