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Well by now, I hope you’ve had a chance to peek around our new digs! We are very excited about the new and improved site, which will be good for us as we continue to grow.

Will is off this week so Amy’s stepping in to fill that void. You’ve seen Amy’s column here but I’m not sure how much you know about her and her production company, OnePass. In a nutshell, I mentored Amy like a hundred years ago and she got a job in TV news. But after being in it for a while, she knew she needed something more; she wanted to make an impact. Well she is definitely doing that.

Owning your own business and traveling around the world doing good things, sounds great, but there’s always room for some things to go ka-flooey (scientific term) and that’s just what happened this last go ‘round. Just like Dave learned in his adventure (what are ALL our contributors traveling now?), best-laid plans seem to work best on paper.

So sit back and check out Amy’s adventure getting to China and make sure to follow her on Twitter and like her Facebook page. Oh and if you have a question for her, you can submit them too.

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Amy Montalvo is an entrepreneur, a journalist, a Yale grad, and an avid sports fan.  She’s based in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area but is constantly trying to set up her ‘office’ in as many international locations as possible. She’s playing reporter, videographer, editor, writer, and producer at her company, ONEPASS Productionsand enjoying every minute of it.  She loves traveling and all the new friends, eye-opening experiences, and craziness that comes with it. Follow her on Twitter@1Pass.