By now, you know about the travels of GEM contributor Amy Montalvo. You’ll recall she left her cushy gig as a TV news anchor to start her own production company, One Pass Productions. Now she travels the world, primarily with non-profit organizations, telling the stories of people doing good and making an impact in places where it is desperately needed.

When last we checked, our intrepid correspondent was in China; it was not a smooth trip. You can go here to read more about exactly what went down. Since then she’s been in Spain, Turkey, and now she’s jumped to yet another country, working with ARCA Associates and Opportunity International on a series of videos about people whose lives have been changed by micro-finance loans. Amy’s going to be on the road for four months, hitting spots all over the world and she’s taking GEM nation along for the ride.

So sit back and check out where Amy is this week and her next adventure. Oh, and make sure to follow her on Twitter and don’t forget to like her Facebook page to keep up with her latest (less than smooth but always interesting) travels and stories. And if you have questions for her, go ahead and send them to us; we’ll make sure she gets them!

Now, enjoy Amy’s video and the somber piece of history she found on this leg of her journey.

Amy Montalvo is an entrepreneur, a journalist, and an avid sports fan. She’s based in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, but tries to set up her ‘office’ in as many international locations as possible. She’s playing reporter, photographer, editor, writer, and producer at her company, ONEPASS Productions and loving every minute of it. She loves traveling, dancing, meeting new people, and catching up with old friends. She always wants more stamps in her passport but will forever remain Texas loud and proud.