By: Ella Rucker


Hey, how are ya? You get a gold star just for asking the question. As you know, we are holding our first Twitter party in a few days so we thought we’d give you guys a quick primer.

WHAT: Twitter parties are a pretty new and unique way of virtually getting an audience together surrounding a common event.  Oh and they’re lots of fun too!.

WHO: Tweeters or people who use Twitter (here’s a quick video tutorial on Twitter in case you don’t know). If you aren’t signed up, and then follow @goodenufmother, @ellalaverne and @jjzmgailey as we will be the party hosts. No we will not be handing out canapes, rather we’ll be herding the crowd and keeping the questions going.

WHERE: These parties are virtual. They happen on Twitter, but you can also use a host of services that serve to streamline the conversation.  Below is a video tutorial on using Tweetgrid for a twitter party.


HOW:  In any program, even Twitter, you follow hashtags (#theystartwiththehashsignlikethis). If you think of Twitter like a highway, the hashtag is a side street, a special place where everyone interested in your event is gathering. Get it? These hashtags let others who are following you know where they can find the party and it also lets the hosts of the party know you are attending. Prior to any event there are promotions and RSVPs. Each party is unique and different rules apply to each.

WHY: There are all kinds of reasons to have parties! But in our virtual world it is nice to bring together all the people who love the same thing to the same place. There are parties that support causes and organizations, that promote new products and services, and that just organize conversations around topics that tweeters want to discuss.

THE FUN STUFF: The party is in your house! You are partying with Good Enough Mother! You can do it in your jammies, with your kids, listening to the radio, while putting a load in the dryer. Your nails don’t need to be done, teeth not brushed, armpits…um…not summer ready, as it were. You meet new people, learn something new, and in a lot of instances can win prizes. You can go for the whole event or just peek in and sneak out without any of the guilt of making excuses.

So those are the basics of a Twitter party. As you know, GEM is having its first twitter party on June 27th at 9pm. Click the link to RSVP; the hashtag is #summermemoriesbuydig and the sponsor is Visit their website, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Pinterest but more than that, save on their already low prices when you use the GEM discount code; it’s on the ad just to the right of the site.

Now that you know the what, when, where, why, and how, we can’t wait to see you at the party. And Bring wine.