Summer is such a happy time for us. Well part of it anyway. That time comes in the form of a small window, in between breathing a sigh of relief with the school year behind us and getting ready to throttle each other with our bare hands because we’re spending too darn much time together. In that time, we run, go, do everything we didn’t have time to do during the year and it’s something I look forward to. As special as it always it, I think this year, it will be even more so.

My kids are growing up. I know, I know, you don’t have to tell me; it’s been happening since they popped out of the womb, but for some reason, I am acutely aware of it this year. Maybe it’s because Casey is on the cusp of becoming a member of the driving public and Cole, well let’s just say, he came clean to me the other day about why he’s been so clean. And Axe-laden. Yep. It is a she.

Hang on a second, I feel a little light-headed. I knew this time would come eventually and frankly I’m a tad bit thrilled seein’ as he has fallen in love with soap and water. But this milestone was but another reminder that time is fleeting; that there are a finite number of summers yet to go and that soon, my little babies will be grown and gone.

Those of you who follow this spiky little blog know there’s a part of me that has the Champagne chilling for when that day finally arrives. But the truth is, I’ll be crying in my flute. A little bit anyway.

So that means, I’m gonna (try) to take an extra beat before I yell, savor the nothing-special moments and try to hang tightly to the memories created when we’re on the go this summer.

What’s your plan for the summer? How do you hang on to something as fleeting as time? And when did it occur to you (or has it yet) that your kids will soon be grown and gone?

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