But Rene, it’s Tuesday! I know, I know, I really gotta get this clock fixed! Actually it’s been a crazy week, and it’s only TUESDAY! Well, the back story is about my back. In a bid to reclaim my past physical fitness, I hurt it on Saturday. I laid low over the weekend and by Monday it was better. So I went back to the workout facility and promptly hurt it again, during the warm-up! That, coupled with kid’s finals and some other pressing business, kept me out of pocket most of the day.

But that was yesterday and today is a new and exciting day! I’m feeling better (though not good enough to workout just yet) and we’re back to laying bricks in the GEMpire (speaking of which, you did see our newest addition, didn’t you?). But the physical pain I was in post workout, reminded me of how we can be when we’re stuck in the maelstrom that is life.

So accept my profuse apologies, pop in your earbuds and listen to today’s Monday Morning Motivation…..on Tuesday!

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