Hey guys! Hope you’re all having a great start to the work week. Yes I know it’s early but let’s go ahead and name it, then make it so!

The kids and I flew to Orlando for a week of much needed rest and relaxation. I took a day and popped up to Charlotte, North Carolina to give the keynote closing address to Type A Conference. I love going to conferences like this one because you get to see the people you speak to everyday online, be empowered and a real-life hug.

After I spoke, I took a few questions and one came from Jenn Hethcoat, aka SuperJenn.com. It was an interesting one and one I think we really struggle with, this whole notion of what do we do when we have an off day?

So thanks to Jenn for the nugget of inspiration for today’s podcast. Pop in your ear buds, sit back and listen to today’s Monday Morning Motivation! What do you do when you have an off day?

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