We’re gonna wrap up our three-part series on Going Social: My trip to Disney Social Media Moms with a word about one of Disney’s really cool, new hotels, The Art of Animation Resort.

In this day and age, especially this economy, families want to be able to travel, have a nice vacation but know they’re not going to be eating Ramen noodles every day for three months when they get home. Disney’s The Art of Animation Resort, can help families, particularly larger ones, have a good time and save money in the process.

What’s the first thing you see when you walk in? This the brightly colored lobby full of sketches. You get the feeling it’s a real animator’s studio. (Just like in Animator’s palate on the Disney Dream and Fantasy). This building also houses the Pixel Play Arcade for the children. Amazing!


The Lobby


Next we made our way out into the Finding Nemo courtyard. With the huge jellyfish and the replica of Crush the turtle from the movie looming over you – it’s like you’re the small fish in the big ocean especially  when all of this is seen on the backdrop of the expansive pool leading to the rooms.  Every where you look is a wonder to behold and you want to experience everything. And who can’t have fun with these guys lurking around?



Poolside at Disney’s Art Of Animation Resort

So we made it to the actual family-style rooms in the Nemo-themed section of the resort. Whoa! The level of detail in the rooms was so intricate, I had to stop and think where they could put any more creativity. They didn’t miss a chance to make the family reminisce about the movie while keeping a cozy feeling all around you. And by cozy I mean mom and dad get their own room while the kids have a pullout couch and Murphy bed which when put away, reveals a cute little table space for the kids.




Did you notice the four chairs were around the bed and the table? And the artwork on the walls, isn’t it great? I loved everything they did in the resort and I don’t want to speak for every Disney Social Media Mom there, but there were a lot of “ooohs” and “ahhhs” that spoke volumes.

 Finding Nemo is just one of the suites where guests can stay but there are others; Cars, The Lion King, and The Little Mermaid,  will be available for booking this summer.

 Team GEM and I had a great time at Disney (as we always do) and though I’ve gone for years, I still manage to learn something new every time, especially about what goes into making dreams, for kids and their families, come true.

Disclosure: Disney paid for Team GEM to attend Disney Social Media Moms, to learn about social media and experience what was new at the park. But rest assured, I’ll give it to you straight. Hey, don’t I always? 

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