Can I say for a minute… I am in love. Yep, in love with someone other than my husband. Okay love might be stretching it a bit but let’s just say, I’m enamored with a new service I found out about the other day. As you know, I’m not the most domestic person and cleaning house ranks right up there with a root canal. But I found this cool company that allows you to book a home repair, improvement or cleaning, all online. was founded by a couple of guys who, tired of going in and cleaning up shoddy contractor work, found a way to protect the consumer by acting as a intermediary between the customer and the contractor.

So I agreed to let them come into my home for a cleaning service and THEY agreed to venture down the hall, to the teenager’s rooms (don’t judge). Here, take a look.





So check it out.. you can try for yourself. Head to their website to book your service and use the promo code, GEM for a 10% discount. Tell ’em I sent you and that they were very, VERY brave to tackle Cole’s room!


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