We wrap up a busy workweek with this interesting debate that my sister brought to my attention. Anthony Cornist is a popular high school senior in Ohio. So when he walked across the stage to accept his diploma on graduation day, the crown went wild. A little too wild, apparently.


Yes, you heard that right, Anthony’s cheering section was so happy, so proud, so LOUD that Anthony’s being punished for their outburst. This comes on the heels of another incident in Florida where a high school student, Chuck Shriner “Teebowed” during graduation and had his diploma withheld as well. His story is a little more complicated, given that fact that his mother was part of the faculty and had warned her son against acting out. Chuck ended up having to clean the gym before he received his diploma.

Okay, my take: Dear school officials.. LIGHTEN UP! I know it’s a ceremony, I know you have to hand out sheepskin to 500 students but can we just take a minute here? These kids worked hard. They are happy. Their parents are proud and in some cases, relieved. Can we let them have their moment for a minute?

Is it just me or does this feel like officials (not the mom, mad at her son Teebowing so much, but the Cornist case) are just pissed because these kids are coloring outside the lines or running in the halls? And is this really fair to hold Anthony Cornist responsible for everyone else cheering him on?

Teachers, school officials, am I wrong here? Am I missing something? Isn’t this essentially harmless? What do you guys think? Fair or no? Lemme hear ya!

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