By Alexis Trass Walker


You saw the TV ads and ignored them. You heard about some great gift ideas, and said, Oh, I’ve got plenty of time, I’ll buy it tomorrow. Well, Father’s Day is tomorrow and you have nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. I could come up with a few more words, but I won’t make you feel bad because I’ve been there. I used to give my dad cheesy, homemade gifts, totally appropriate when you’re nine. When you’re 19? Not so much. It wasn’t like I was this incredibly creative person. I only did it because I forgot and couldn’t be shown up by my sisters.

Most people may have gotten dad something by now. But if you’re down to the wire, don’t despair. We have five, unique and inexpensive gift ideas you can get right now that dad will love.


Apps for dad’s smartphone or tablet couldn’t be quicker or easier. Don’t know where to start? Try You can browse by category or choose from what’s hot, by price, or recommendation. You can’t go wrong here. My husband loves CrossFit gym, so I’m looking at the WOD-Workout Logger for CrossFit app. It’s used to track CrossFit workouts and record personal records in lifts and movements. At just $3.99, I can afford to buy my husband several apps I know he’ll use on a regular basis.




Gone are the days when you wouldn’t catch a man in a spa (well, some, anyway). Many men are interested in good grooming and don’t mind letting someone else treat them like a king for a day. Some guys just need a little push from a woman. Find a spa that specializes in services for men like facials that help give a smoother shave, brow care, and sports massages.

What if he won’t go? Here’s my story. A few years ago, I woke up with a mysterious scratch on my leg. I thought nothing of it until it happened again on the top of my foot. After a short investigation, I discovered that my husband’s toenails were scratching me while we were sleeping. He’s definitely not hyper-macho, but no way he’s going to a spa. For my own sake, I offered to cut and file his nails, but it turned into a full pedicure that included a foot massage. He loved it! Everybody likes to be pampered, so either you do it or send him to a spa.



What man’s pulse doesn’t quicken at the thought of a showroom-worthy vehicle? So if dad has been shuttling the kids around, chances are his car has crumbs, fast food wrappers, and lost toys everywhere. Get rid of them! Have the car detailed professionally or if that’s not financially within reach, grab your supplies and get busy. Just make sure what you use won’t ruin the leather or paint job; try explaining that on Father’s Day. And this is a car detail, so remember the details. Hint: use cotton swabs.




Take Dad on a spontaneous trip that can be done in a day. The important thing is that you don’t have a plan. The trip should be light and fun. Take a turn on that local highway he has never had a chance to travel. You never know what you’ll find and that’s the idea. Oh, and don’t make Dad drive. It might be a treat for him to be the passenger so he can take in the scenery or grab a much-needed nap.





Quick, what is Dad’s favorite dessert? Second-favorite?Don’t know? Well, take him out just for that. This is a great idea if Dad loves sweet treats and you don’t have a ton of money to spend. You could do a “dessert tasting” and have him choose several that you can share. And you know what they say; if you really want to get to know someone, share a meal. Food usually makes people want to talk, so use this time to have Dad tell you stories about his life. You might be able to find some Father’s Day deals at restaurants, so look into that before you head out.






So, there you have it: five quick and easy Father’s Day gifts you still have time to pull off. Any one of these ideas—or a combination of them—is something he’ll love. What are your quick, easy, last-minute ideas? And to our male GEMs, what would you REALLY like to have this Father’s Day?


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Alexis lives in Gary, Indiana, with her husband and four children. She is a stay at home mom and writer who loves all things chocolate. After years of shyness, she is a recovering wallflower who understands that a smile goes a long way. Learn more about her at