I cannot let another day go by without a big Good Enough Mother sloppy kiss and hug to my new friends at the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation-BC/Yukon Region. You’ll recall I had a chance to speak at their 20th Anniversary Awareness Day Luncheon and I had a blast!  First of all, it’s been about 30 years and 30 pounds ago since I was last there; oh how I wish I had a photo of me with the Canadian Mounties all those years ago. Since I have such fond memories of that beautiful territory,  I jumped at the chance to go back.

Anyway, this was a big event for the folks at CBCF-BC/Yukon Region. They have made it their mission to inform, educate, treat and research breast cancer, making great strides over the past two decades. But now they look to the future with a new mission and a new chapter in their organization’s growth.

I started the morning with an appearance on CTV, talking about the luncheon, breast cancer in general and a little about Good Enough Mother. Then it was off to the event where it was time for some official snapshots. See, I told you we were all having a good time!

After lunch and my speech, there was a VIP reception, where I had a chance to get to know people a little more.

Susan Ewanick/Board Chair, CBCF-BC/Yukon Region, me and Wendy Slavin, CEO, CBCF-BC/Yukon Region

THIS is why I call them my friends. I have absolutely no idea what we were laughing about but  clearly it was very funny.

I took an extra day to get away from the family, er, enjoy the scenery… so I rented a car and drove up to Whistler, the site of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. I must say I’ve never driven anywhere where the scenery was more beautiful; each twist and turn in the road was even more breathtaking than the one before it. I had to stop so many times to take pictures, but I didn’t mind. It was lovely, taking in the scenery and clearing my head.

Whistler Village

Had to buy a “touque” ’cause it ws FREEZING up there!

 Hey, if you have to work through lunch, might as well do it here.. and this way!

The scenery on the way back to the hotel was just as spectacular. The good news is most of the turnouts were on my side of the road so I was stopping every couple of miles, or so it seemed. I had to. I had to try to preserve views like this. And this..

I got back to Vancouver in time to freshen up and catch the car to the airport as I was taking the red-eye back to New York. Here I am, doing my best D.I.V.A impersonation in the back of the limo. I think it’s pretty clear by my actions, I don’t get a limo often.

So again a big thank you to my new friends at the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation-BC/Yukon… I miss you guys already! Thanks for welcoming me with open arms and being such amazing hosts!

And a reminder, if you’re interested in hang me speak to your group, drop us a line here; we’ll see what we can do! As for the rest of you, you can come along in my virtual suitcase!

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