I came across this little ditty recently and thought it was a good one to talk about. We know texting while driving is dangerous, even deadly. Well, there are also dangers involved in texting while walking and officials in Fort Lee New Jersey plan to do something about it. They have issued a ban and if you get caught, prepare to crack that wallet open wide.



My take: I hate seeing people do this, especially walking down the street in Manhattan. But before I scramble to the very top of my bully pulpit I have to admit, I have been known to do this too. I’m not proud to admit that.

Why do we do it? I have a few ideas. But the biggest one of all is that I think we have forgotten that we needn’t answer EVERY SINGLE text, email or phone call as it comes in. Calls can go to voicemail and texts and emails (um, and updating your Facebook page too) can wait until we sit down in a safe place to answer, giving the query our full attention.

So that brings us to the question. I think we can all agree that walking while texting is probably not the wisest or safest thing to do, but is it worth a fine? Would you, if you were a resident of Fort Lee, New Jersey, be happy about police going after these offenders or do you think there’s a better use of shrinking taxpayer funds? And while we’re asking questions, do you or have you ever, texted while walking? Fire away!

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